Virtual visits, immersive and VR systems

The virtual tours, immersive and VR systems represent our key products for state-of-the-art cultural mediation. These new interactive applications, designed by our R&D division, make it possible to renew the cultural visit and enrich the more ordinary mediation paths. From our products to a made to measure systems, we propose advanced VR applications to live, individually or in groups, a new, a spectacular and a totally immersive educational experience.

  • 01 Musée Virtuel®
  • 02 Musée Virtuel®
  • 04 Musée Virtuel®
  • 05 Musée Virtuel®
  • 06 Casque HTC
  • 07 Notre Dame de Paris
  • 08 Notre Dame de Paris
  • 09 Cabinet de Charles V, Château de Vincennes
  • 10 Cabinet de Charles V, Château de Vincennes
  • 11 Fort de la Conchée
  • 13 Cabinet de curiosités

Virtual reality

From the virtual visit of missing and inaccessible sites, to a time travel throughout monuments historical phases, from Virtual Museum® to VR escape games and projects previews, AGP offers a full range of VR cultural applications to cross the borders of reality, while respecting pedagogical issues.
Thanks to the high quality of our renderings and AGP’s digitizing expertise, our VR and immersive reality apps assure a spectacular highly immersive experience.

  • 01 SAMI Science - Système solaire
  • 02 SAMI Science - Système solaire
  • 03 SAMI Science - Système solaire
  • 04 SAMI Science - Système solaire
  • 05 SAMI Architecture - BIM du Palais d'Antin
  • 06 SAMI Architecture - BIM du Palais d'Antin
  • 07 SAMI Architecture - BIM du Palais d'Antin
  • 08 SAMI Histoire - Laugerie Basse
  • 09 SAMI Histoire - Laugerie Basse

Immersive supports for cultural mediation

AGP propose immersive systems for cultural mediation support. Designed for mediators, guides and teachers for a wide range of fields, this visual real-time navigation device is fully interactive and controlled by a touch pad. Developed by our R&D department, this software provides both the general public and the expert audience, an immersive 3D support for an educational and spectacular experience, enriched by interactivity and by personalized content.