3D movie - Reconstitution of the Palace of Darius

The project

Upon the request of the Louvre museum, Art Graphique & Patrimoine designed a 3D movie about the Palace of Darius, persian king in Susa from the 6th century B.C.
The survey team came to the Louvre and scanned the emblematic objects of the Achaemenid collections, coming from archaeological excavation.
Among them is the famous stone capital decorated with two bull protomes, mesuring over 19 feet high.
These digitalisations were used to build a 3D model of the Palace and its gardens.
AGP’s team managed to get as close as possible to the historical reconstruction, thanks to the help of the Louvre curators.
The virtual camera walks in the monumental entrance, walks down the corridors and crosses the majestic throne room, the ’Apadana’, where stand dozens of columns ornamented with bull capitals.
The film puts the museum objects in their true perspective and dimensions, and gives context to the collection.
This project is the result of a partnership between AGP and Opixido (graphical interface design).

Technical specifications

Command: Louvre Museum - Department of Oriental Antiquities
Year: 2018
Tags : 3D Scanning, 3D film, 3D Reconstruction