Specialised in cultural, ancient and monumental heritage, “Art Graphique et Patrimoine” (graphic art and heritage) offers its services to all the field players in heritage: architects, institutions, local communities, museums, cultural organisations and restoration companies.



Photogrammetric surveys:
Since 1994, we realize surveys, maps, cross-sections of ancient monuments for project managers, owners, restorer and regional communities. Our company evolves with the moste advanced technologies and develops adapted systems for the most complex surveys. We have had the opportunity to compare our techniques with those exposed by the CIPA (International Commitee for Architectural Photogrammetry) member of which we are.

An excellent expertise:
Heritage officials have used our surveys as their main working tool on more than 300 ancient monuments in France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal and Russia.

A highly qualified team:
All our team members come from the heritage field: stone-cutters, architects qualified in heritage, specialised graphic designers… They all have skills in history of art and in architectural drawing of ancient buildings. In collaboration with our two surveyors-topographs and our five engineers in photogrammetry, they obtain an incomparable accuracy and quality of line.



Immersive 3-dimensional reconstitutions of ancient sites, monuments and sculptures :

· Monuments and sites :
For a unique highlight of heritage our architects and graphic designers elaborate virtual reconstitutions on the basis of our surveys, of archaeological studies, of ancient drawings and ancient documents. These spectacular images are lively, pedagogical and extremely precise from a scientific point of view. They are also very successful to the public and the professionals.

· Sculptures :
Thanks to 3D maps of high resolution several methods allow us to make a virtual restitution of ancient sculptures in different materials and at different scales without touching the piece of art. This technique is very interesting for the reproduction, the preservation, the virtual exhibition and the interactive animation of sculptures.

A high quality of image for a wider choice of multimedia use :

The high quality of our 3-dimensional models authorise a great flexibility of adaptation on a multiple support :
- museography: printed boards, giant screen projections in relief, short films, interactive terminals, mock-ups, mouldings…
- publishing : books, leaflets…
- CD-Rom
- TV documentaries
- Websites