3D HD scanning

Multimedia presentations, virtual tours, digital archiving, communication, support for the creation, reproduction or restoration, scanning applications in the field of art and heritage are numerous. For optimal capture, AGP combines several process, including photogrammetry and laser scanning to obtain the best mesh and provide the best modeling. Beyond cutting-edge technology, AGP expertise guarantees full compliance of the works and the projects, from digitization phase to reconstruction phase, inspection and 3D texturing with the aim of giving 3D image the aesthetic and visual qualities of the original.

  • 01 La Victoire de Samothrace, Musée du Louvre
  • 02 La Victoire de Samothrace, Musée du Louvre
  • 03 La Victoire de Samothrace, Musée du Louvre - Modèle 3D
  • 04 Discophore, Musée du Louvre - Louvre Lens - 3D model
  • 05 The scanning of a cat mummy, Louvre Lens
  • 06 Cat mummy, Louvre Lens - 3D model
  • 07 The scanning of the Drogon sacramentary, Musée lorrain de (...)
  • 08 Drogon sacramentary, Musée lorrain de Nancy - 3D model
  • 09 The scanning of the husband sarcophagus, Musée du Louvre - Louvre (...)
  • 10 Husband sarcophagus, Musée du Louvre - Louvre Lens - 3D model
  • 11 The scanning of the husband sarcophagus, Musée du Louvre - Louvre (...)
  • 12 The scanning of Taureaux androcéphales de Khorsabad - Musée du (...)

Work of art

For the reproduction of works of art, whether virtual in view of digital applications or real for the creation of copies in order to preserve the original, or intended for marketing, AGP creates digital doubles.
Digitisation by 3D scan enables an extremely faithful digital model of the work to be obtained, with an accuracy of up to 25µ, whilst maintaining the object intact, because no contact is needed. The quality of the material used by Art Graphique & Patrimoine enables the process elements with all kind textures and dimensions.
For actual reproduction, AGP produces a prototype based on a three-dimensional digital file on diverse scales and made of various materials, which ultimately enables a mass production of the reproduction of the object.

  • 01 Numérisation d'un Stradivarius, Musée de la Musique, Paris
  • 02 Stradivarius, Musée de la Musique de Paris - Modèle 3D
  • 03 Statuette de Charlemagne, Musée lorrain de Nancy
  • 04 Lit des ducs de Lorraine, Musée lorrain de Nancy
  • 05 Lit des ducs de Lorraine, Musée lorrain de Nancy - Modèle 3D
  • 06 Sceau, Musée lorrain de Nancy - Nuage de points
  • 07 Bracelet aux figures de lions en or - Collection privée
  • 08 Bracelet aux figures de lions en or - Collection privée
  • 09 Numérisation 3D d'une Aiguière en nacre, Collection privée
  • 10 Aiguière en nacre, Collection privée - Modèle 3D
  • 11 Plan Relief, maquette de Lavastre
  • 12 Plan Relief, maquette de Lavastre - Modèle 3D

Art objects, collections and decoration

AGP places its competencies and experience at the service of art-object modelling, regardless of their size, texture or morphological complexity. 3D digital models can be applied to multiple uses: as fixed images for digital catalogues or virtual presentations, as video for communication, mediation or study animations, using real-time 3D or stereoscopy to handle objects and use them virtually, and lastly to create copies.

Artists, collectors, auctioneers, curators, researchers: our 3D hub is attentive to and studies your needs in order to offer you the best solutions.

  • 01 L'Ours n°4, © Xavier Veilhan / ADAGP Paris, 2015
  • 02 Les architectes, Renzo Piano © Xavier Veilhan
  • 03 Lion, © Xavier Veilhan / ADAGP Paris, 2015
  • 04 Joconde, Magritte - Musée Magritte, Bruxelles
  • 04 Le berger des nuages, © Jean Arp

Contemporary art

AGP intervenes in various sectors of cultural heritage and is well placed to meet the requests of commissioners from the world of contemporary art. Our perfect command of 3D HD digitisation techniques enables us to assist you, whether for the reproduction or the creation of your works.
AGP has, for instance, modelled the Joconde de Magritte (Magritte Museum) or the Berger des Nuages by Jean Arp, the scans of which served to create the bronze sculpture (©Fondation Arp)

Interested in contemporary creation, AGP has also collaborated with the artist, Xavier Veilhan, for the creation of his famous monument structures (The Lion, The Bear), for his series, The Architects (here: Renzo Piano), and with the Chinese multimedia artist, Yi Zhou, by digitising the models prior to their interpretation in plastic.

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  • 04
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  • 07

Industrial heritage

AGP contributes to preserving and promoting industrial heritage, the memory of our society and its technological innovations. In collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, AGP has digitised several vehicles developed during the Second World War, and used for the landings of June 1944. It particulary concerns the LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel) boat and the Waco CG-4A glider, private collections. These elements were inserted into the 3D film, "D-Day, they invented the landings", or used on other media within the framework of the commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04

Communication and marketing

AGP can offer its expertise in digitisation and in virtual images for advertising or communication campaigns. Our competencies acquired through the digitisation of works and objects of art and through the fields in which AGP evolves enable us to accompany and advise you in decisions on aesthetics and renderings, sing the digital images to their fullest. The examples below refer to an advertising campaign commissioned by Chanel, art photographs for the Black Book and a project by Publicis for the creation of an advertisement for a famous brand of car.