3D Modeling

3D modeling aims to restore or reconstruct, using a 3D software, a building or part of a building in three-dimensional virtual images. The virtual image reconstructed from records or photographs will be more or less close to the original depending on the use made of the 3D model (study of the building, restoration, multimedia, project monitoring, and communication).
The ability of AGP graphic designers combined with the quality of our surveys is the guarantee of an excellent 3D model helping readability and understanding of the subject.

  • 01 Restitution 3D des Arènes de Nîmes - Webdocumentaire
  • 02 Restitution 3D des Arènes de Nîmes - Webdocumentaire
  • 03 Restitution 3D des Arènes de Nîmes - Entrée principale - Webdocumentaire
  • 04 Reconstruction 3D de Notre-Dame de Paris - 1245
  • 05 Restitution 3D de Notre-Dame de Paris - 2014
  • 06 Restitution 3D du Panthéon - Paris
  • 07 Le Palais d'Antin
  • 08 Intérieur du Palais d'Antin restitué en 3D
  • 09 Restitution 3D du décor au Palais d'Antin
  • 10 Escalier

3D Render

Based on contemporary surveys, iconographic documents, descriptions or historical studies, it is possible to recreate a structure or part of a structure virtually and view it within its context. It could be structures that currently exist, once existed, were designed but never produced, or imaginary buildings. The virtual reconstruction of an existing construction helps with one’s understanding within the framework of a study or the creation of a mediation tool. In the case of reconstitutions of buildings that have disappeared, 3D renderings contribute to raising awareness of the dimension of the heritage, both physically and historically, and participate in promoting the site or remaining vestiges.

  • 01 Gesse app - Prévisualisation de projet
  • 02 Gesse app - Prévisualisation de projet
  • 03 La salle de cinéma Louxor
  • 04 Maquettes de la salle de cinéma Louxor
  • 05 La salle de cinéma Louxor
  • 06 Théâtre du Rond-Point

Visualizing projects

3D reconstructions constitute a precious tool for visualizing projects within the framework of renovation or transformation of a building. Based on surveys made on the existing building, AGP reconstructs a 3D model that can be modified or disposed virtually, according to the choices made by the architects and principal contractors, thus offering time saving and precise previewing of the final rendering.
The virtual images produced by AGP made it possible to monitor the restoration of the façade and the reconstruction of Louxor cinema room prior to its reopening in 2013.
AGP has also contributed, through the reconstruction of a 3D model, to the visualization of the project to restore the theater du Rond-Point in Paris.