Archaeological surveys

Archaeological surveys are an essential element in the development of scientific record of a site, either in the context of the preparation of a dig or a development or for preventive archeology. The record’s study provides a vision and a comprehensive understanding of the place without being on the field. Thus the accuracy of the statement is a critical parameter.

AGP selects and adapts the most appropriate and the most advanced technologies in laser scanning, photogrammetry, aerial photogrammetry (UAVs or helicopter) and the most powerful digital tools to make scrupulous records of each archaeological site, regardless of its type and topography.

  • 01 Pont du Gard - aerial surveys by drone
  • 02 Pont du Gard - Aerial surveys by drone
  • 03 Roman theater, Orange - Aerial surveys by drone
  • 04 Park of Marly - Aerial surveys
  • 05 Park of Marly - Ortho-photographs
  • 06 Park of Marly - Point cloud
  • 07 Alba-la-Romaine - Aerial surveys by drone
  • 08 Alba-la-Romaine - Ortho-image
  • 09 Alba-la-Romaine - 3D model
  • 10 Vaison-la-Romaine - Ortho-image
  • 11 Vaison-la-Romaine - Orthophotograph
  • 12 Early Christian baptistry of Roanne - Orthophotograph

Aerial surveys

Aerial surveys have the advantage to apprehend a whole site and obtain a general representation. AGP uses different methods according to the concerned area and the request of the client. For huge elevations, AGP provides helicopter with laser lidar to find archaeological evidence, even through the canopy, and to develop a model in two or three dimensions of the entire site. For complex approaches or when the elevation is less important, AGP uses drone for producing ortho-images or 3D renderings.

  • 01 Tomb of the Kings, Jérusalem - Laser scanning survey
  • 02 Tomb of the Kings, Jérusalem - Laser scanning survey
  • 03 Tomb of the Kings, Jérusalem - Point cloud
  • 04 Pont du Gard - Laser scanning survey
  • 05 Pont du Gard - Ortho-image
  • 06 Roman theater, Orange - Laser scanning survey
  • 07 Roman theater, Orange - Point cloud
  • 08 Mosque of Haji Piada, Afghanistan
  • 09 Mosque of Haji Piada, Afghanistan - Topographical survey
  • 10 Mosque of Haji Piada, Afghanistan - Survey
  • 11 Mosque of Haji Piada, Afghanistan - Point cloud and 3D mesh
  • 12 Capitol of Dougga, Tunisie - Laser scanning survey

Archaeological monument

AGP realize survey on archaeological buildings . These surveys occur in connection with changes, improvements or new excavations of a site or an archaeological monument and, when it is necessary to keep the data of the various stages of construction sites. AGP has directed such photogrammetric and lasergrammetric surveys on the Haji Piada mosque in Afghanistan, on the St. Blaise church in Arles or in Tunisia, on the site of Dougga Capitol, World Heritage UNESCO.

  • 01 Laas Geel rock shelter, Somaliland - Survey
  • 02 Laas Geel rock shelter, Somaliland - Survey
  • 03 Roc-aux-Sorciers, Angles sur l'Anglin
  • 04 Roc-aux-Sorciers, Angles sur l'Anglin
  • 05 Roc-aux-Sorciers, Angles sur l'Anglin - 3D mesh
  • 06 Roc-aux-Sorciers, Angles sur l'Anglin - 3D mesh
  • 07 The cave of Font-de-Gaume - Survey
  • 08 The cave of Font-de-Gaume
  • 09 The cave of Font-de-Gaume - deformation map

Caves and rock shelters

AGP has developed an expertise in the archaeological survey of painted caves and rock shelters through reputable references. Our statements can be processed in 3D for conservation work or study such as the Neolithic site of Laas Geel in Somaliland, where AGP has worked with Xavier Gutherz, discoverer of the site and professor at the University of Montpellier 3, or for the realization of mediation tools to preserve rock shelters or the Font-de-Gaume Cave.
The quality and reliability of AGP’s work has been acknowledged by scientific communities.