AGP completes its work for the digital construction site of Notre-Dame

France’s leading company specialising in cultural heritage is putting its excellent know-how and cutting-edge digital technologies at the service of the cathedral’s restoration project.

AGP and MEMORIST launch "Heritage Virtual Scene"

"Heritage virtual scene" designed by AGP and MEMORIST in partnership with French cultural institutions, is an offer for the development of exceptional digital twins resulting from the 3D digitization of cultural heritage sites.

Histoire d’Astronomie, le ciel au Moyen Age

Seasons, comets, supernovae… how middle Ages people and scientists described the phenomena of the cosmos? The immersive 3D film produced for the Cité des Sciences Planetarium allows you to find that out!

AGP launches #heritageathome during the health crisis COVID19

AGP picks in its digital library to promote digital access to art and culture. Discover our general public virtual tours!

BIM Notre-Dame de Paris - GMH, Autodesk, AGP

Communiqué de Presse: the GMH, Autodesk and AGP announce their partnership for the production of the BIM of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Mont-Saint-Michel : ses secrets révélés par la 3D.

Science et vie publie un dossier sur l’étude, la numérisation et la reconstitution 3D des phases architecturales de la Merveille du Mont Saint Michel (Septembre 2018).

3D digitalization of the Mont-Saint-Michel

The 3D digitalization of the Mont-Saint-Michel in the context of the restoration project.

Immersive device - Laugerie Basse

To tell the prehistory at the digital era, the R&D pole of AGP developed a 3D immersive system relied which helps mediators of the site to guide the public throught the shelter history, in an interactive and spectacular way.

BIM for the management of historic buildings

A new use of augmented reality for museum’s artworks

Presentation of "augmented moulding", a new way to use augmented reality, virtual reality and real time tracking and enhance a visit.

Scanning of the Winged Victory of Samothrace

Why and how did AGP scan and modelize the winged Victory of Samothrace.

3D Poitiers evolution: from archaeology... to virtual reality

From archeology to virtual reality. Through the example of 3D Poitiers evolution, archaeologists, historians and graphic designers expose the different steps of the project and demonstrate the need for a transversal work to develop what becomes a document.

Villa Cavrois 3D

Press release of Villa Cavrois, an app coproduced with Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

Developing of the Golden Gallery

Article about the developing of The Golden Gallery, in the Hotel Vrillère, the offices of
the Bank of France

Avignon 3D app

Press release Avignon 3D. An app developed in the context of the digital restitution of the Avignon Bridge.

Laas Geel, Somaliland

5000 year-old paintings captured in 3D.Communication, XXIV International CIPA Symposium, september 2013, Strasburg, France.