For the AGP family each project is unique: it requires combined skills and multidisciplinary profiles: our team is our strength!


Gaël Hamon

Founder and director

Gael Hamon is one of the most recognized specialists in the field of surveying and the promotion of heritage preservation.
After gaining a lengthy experience in the restoration of prestigious structures, he founded Art Graphique & Patrimoine with the help of Hervé Quelin in 1994.
Holder of a BPMH professional diploma in historical monuments and a gold medal for the best international stonecutter award at the Olympiades des Métiers, he is currently the vice-chairman of Appareilleurs de France and a jury member for the MOF craftsmen competition.
He regularly speaks at the INP and the universities of Poitiers, Paris VIII, and Aix-en-Provence.


Pierre Antoniotti

Agency Principal Measurement services & BIM

Surveyor, specialist of complex sites 3D scanning.
A field man through and through, Pierre walked on our most important sites in France and even in Somalia!
After graduating as a surveyor and a topographer, Pierre worked more than ten years as a brigade Chief in several agencies in the province an in the Parisian region.
He then joined OPS as leader of the "Building Pollutants team", before founding the "Survey team" that he ran for three years.
To complete his training, he took a two years formation to join the Surveyors Association before creating his own agency specialized in asbestos in 2017.
Pierre joined AGP in 2011, first as technical director and then as Agency Principal Measurement services & BIM. He will be your first point of contact for your surveying project.


Pélagie Atangana

Coordination-Management assistant

After obtaining a BTS in executive administration and working for eight years within different architectural firms, Pélagie joined Art Graphique & Patrimoine in 2000.
In charge of call-for-tender dossiers and everyday administrative management, she is the cornerstone of AGP and will often be your contact over the telephone.


Sabrina Herriche


Forget about the cliché of the boring and sad accountant. We have found that special someone, with a contagious sense of humor!
In addition to a bachelor’s degree in history and a BTS in management, Sabrina has ten years of experience as a finance manager. She worked in the public works sector before joining AGP’s team in the Spring of 2018. Thanks to her expertise and her dynamism, she provides indispensable support for the management and the coordination of our daily activities.


Chiara Cristarella Orestano

Head of communication and business development

Archeologist, with a master’s degree from the University of Perugia, Italy, Chiara took an early interest in heritage enhancement and cultural mediation. After training in cultural and touristic marketing and gaining professional experience in the promotion of land development, she completed her education with a specialized master’s in the management of cultural heritage at the ESCP Europe in Paris.
Chiara joined AGP in 2015 to oversee business development and communication.


Julie Barraud

Communication & development assistant

Diplômée de Sciences Po Lille, Julie a suivi une formation pluridisciplinaire en sciences politiques, économiques et sociales. Elle se spécialise dans le domaine de la communication et est titulaire d’un master de Communication publique & d’entreprise. Sensible à la culture et au patrimoine, elle s’intéresse à l’Histoire de l’Art et suit des cours à distance avec l’Université Lille 3.
Après plusieurs missions dans le secteur de la communication et du journalisme, Julie rejoint le service communication et commercial d’AGP en 2019.


Florian Moreno

3D and R&D Project Manager - Grand Sud Agency

2D-3D graphic designer and architect
A trained HMO architect, Florian Moreno came to specialise in promoting architectural heritage at the Map Gamsau Laboratory in Marseille.
Florian joined Art Graphique & Patrimoine in 2010 in charge of Research and Development, later taking on the role of 3D manager.
His work mainly focuses on BIM modelling based on lasergrammetry (La Cité des Sciences, Le Palais d’Antin), and also the processes of photorealistic 3D reconstructions and surveys of works of art (La Victoire de Samothrace, all of the works present at the Louvre-Lens, etc.)
Today he is the head of AGP’s Grand Sud Agency in Avignon.


Frédéric Gourdet

3D Project manager

Frédéric has an engineering degree from the National School of Geographic Sciences and holds a professional Master 2 in Sustainable Development, Environmental Management and Geomatics at the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.
Self-taught, curious, Frédéric is always on the lookout for all innovation and is particularly passionate about Virtual Reality. He is one of the pioneers in VR capture techniques and has built over the years a strong expertise in that field.

Trainer at the INA (Audiovisual National Institute), co-author and co-director of 360° movies, Frédéric now wants to mobilize and transmit his knowledge of VR and 360° cinematics in order to carry out cultural projects for general public communication. He therefore joined AGP’s team in 2020 as 3D project manager.


Alejandro Arredondo

Architect and BIM Project Assistant

Trained architect and BIM manager.
Born in Mexico, Alejandro obtained his architectural degree from Tecnologico de Monterrey and continued his studies in Madrid, receiving a master’s degree in Building Information Modeling (BIM) in 2016.
As BIM manager, Alejandro completed several interesting projects including the renovation of Mexico’s Military Nursing School. Settling in France, he worked as an architect and a designer on large-scale projects such as the construction of 88 private luxury residences in Marrakech (Morocco) before joining AGP’s BIM team in January 2019.


Daniele Deplano

BIM project assistant, Revit specialist

For five years Daniele has studied architecture in the Politecnico of Milan, Italy. He specialized in the BIM process for complex architectures and 3D modeling of structures and networks on Autodesk-Revit.
He joined the "Heritage Survey Technology" cell in the Politecnico of Milan, sub-branch of Mantua, in which he trained in 3D scanning and BIM retro-conception of heritage architecture.
After starting his career in several Italian architects and engineers firms, Daniele joined the BIM team in AGP since August 2019. With his curious and meticulous disposition, he is a multi-skills asset for the team.


Caitlin Roclin

Architect and BIM Project Assistant

BIM designer specialized in 3D scanning since 2006, Caitlin has studied architecture and CAD in Arizona and Arkansas.
After a master’s degree in Architecture, she joined CAST (The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies)
of the University of Arkansas where she provided her technical knowledge (lasergrammetry, photogrammetry, augmented reality) to support BIM management on the campus.
She also participated in the scientific research and analysis of ancient sites (such as Petra in Jordan,
the pyramids in Egypt, Saint-Paul’s Cathedral in London) for National Geographic’s
documentary series "Time Scanners".
Arriving in Paris in 2013, Caitlin has taken part in the BIM modeling of many historical monuments such as the Louvre Museum and the Bourse de Commerce.
Her passion for 3D technologies and for heritage architectural preservation led her to join AGP’s BIM team in May 2019.


Jean-Pierre Zéphir

Laser-photogrammetrist, Digital Archivist - Stone Carver

Jean-Pierre was educated in the methods of construction at the École du Bâtiment, Felletin followed by training in stonecutting at the Union Compagnonnique de Châteauroux. After numerous projects within construction companies and other trade specialists, he joined Art Graphique & Patrimoine in 1996 to consolidate the team surrounding Gaël Hamon.


Aurélien Peyroux

Chief survey engineer

Having graduated from the École Supérieure des Géomètres et Topographes in 2012, Aurélien engaged in his first foray into the world of heritage as an International Volunteer Surveyor assigned to the Centre Franco-Égyptien d’Étude at the Temples of Karnak in Egypt.
Following this, Aurélien joined AGP in 2014, where he is mainly involved in field surveys.


Cyril Bes de Berc

Survey engineer - Drone pilot

Engineer surveyor and graduate of the ESTP, Cyril followed complementary trainings in architecture, philosophy, theology, NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication) and BIM (Building Information Modeling). Fascinated by historic monuments, symbolism, and religious traditions, Cyril strongly explored spiritual commitments before finding, at AGP, the ideal frame to realize his professional aspirations to valorize historic monuments with the use of new technologies.


Yago Delannoy

Laser-photogrammetrist - Geometer

Yago holds a Master of research in geography, human-environment spaces and resources (GEOSPHERES). Amateur photographer and dronist, Yago is a field man, and has naturally focused on 3D scanning techniques in his researches and professional experiences. During his experience as assistant engineer for the CNRS, he perfected his mastery of tools for capturing and processing lasergrammetric and photogrammetric data. Yago also has strong skills in 3D reliefs restitution and historical caves reconstruction. In 2020, he joined our field team as a 3D surveyor.


Camille Favre

Survey engineer

Surveyor-Topographer engineer, Camille holds a master’s degree in photogrammetry, positioning and deformation measurement.
She learned 3D digitization techniques through her studies and professional experiences, and discovered the 3D survey for heritage sites since 2015 during her internship at the Chambord domain.
In 2016, Camille began her professional career as a Design Engineer for the Geodesy and Metrology Department at IGN. With this experience, she chose in 2020 to put her skills as a surveyor engineer (and sportsperson!) at the service of cultural heritage safeguarding, by committing to our field team.


Ariel Rimoux

R&D engineer, Laser-photogrammetrist

Engineer specialized in remote sensing, aeronautics and spatial.
After his studies at ISAE-SUPAERO (Toulouse), Ariel worked as a flight engineer for Airbus and then as an automation engineer for Parrot Drones, where he perfected his skills in the design of flight estimation and control algorithms.
In 2018, Ariel decided to complete his expertise by specializing in remote sensing techniques (radiometry, Lidar, radar, photogrammetry) and obtained a Master II "Fundamentals of Remote Sensing" at the UPMC (Paris VI).
Research engineer at LATMOS (Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales) in 2019, Ariel finally joined AGP’s team as R&D and laser-photogrammeter engineer in early 2020.


Ombeline Mignot

Laser-photogrammetrist - Stone carver

Passionate about architecture, Ombeline undertook training as a stonecutter, specializing in the restoration of historical monuments. She also has a solid knowledge of architecture and the art of stone-setting.
She joined the AGP team in 2008, drawn to the dynamism and quality of the company’s projects. A responsive and autonomous drafter, she uses her competencies to provide high-quality drawings within deadlines.


Aurélie Dubois

Laser-photogrammetrist - Stone carver

Lasergrammetrist & photogrammetrist, stonecutter, restorer of Historical Monuments.
After graduating from the Toulouse School of Architecture, Aurélie continued her education with stonecutter training, obtaining her professional degree with a specialization in the restoration of historical monuments. She has done several internships with major cultural heritage companies and had the opportunity to work on the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris.
She joined the team in 2007 where she uses her skills in readings, architecture, surveying, photogrammetry, and 3D modeling.


François Verat Dit Fleury

Laser-photogrammetrist - Stone carver

After training at the Institut supérieur de Recherche et de Formation aux Métiers de la Pierre in Rodez, and obtaining a technical diploma in superior craftsmanship and stonework trades, François chose a multi-faceted career path encompassing stonecutting and the economy of construction. Specializing in heritage and the drafting of stone setting and layout, François joined the team of AGP to bring a stone worker’s sensitivity to graphical representations.


Guillaume Robiquet

Laser-photogrammetrist - Stone carver

Interior designer, art historian, lasergrammetrist & photogrammetrist, stonecutter.
An interior designer, Guillaume also underwent training in Art History and Archaeology at the Sorbonne Institute, providing him with a solid knowledge in terms of architecture and heritage. This knowledge was very well-applied at worksites during his time training in stonecutting at the Compagnons du Devoir.
At AGP he holds a versatile position, enabling him to carry out both 3D modelling projects such as "Jumièges 3D", as well as 2D reconstructions in plan, section, and elevation of prestigious monuments based on point clouds and 3D scans.


Kévin Delval

Laser-photogrammetrist - Stone carver

Lasergrammetrist & photogrammetrist, stone carver, and stone finisher.
Passionate about sculpture and stone works, Kevin holds a professional certificate in stonecutting for Historical Monuments in the Acédémie de Paris-Créteil-Versailles.
After training in ornamental woodcarving and stone carving, Kevin achieved his apprenticeship in stonecutting and restoring workshops. He also participated in the restoration of the cathedral of Amiens.
In 2019 Kevin joined Art Graphique & Patrimoine to support the scanning and measurement team with his drawing skills and sculptor sensitivity.


Laurence Stefanon

Historian, 2D-3D graphic designer

Laurence holds a master’s degree in Contemporary History and a DESS in Heritage Art history. As a freelance 2D-3D graphic designer for almost 8 years, she specialized in graphic design for illustrations in cultural publications, as well as graphical interfaces for multimedia applications.
Since 2001, she has taken part in AGP’s 3D reconstruction projects for cultural mediation, offering her expertise in 3D modeling, rendering of textures and 3D films.
She has been in charge of many of AGP’s leading 3D projects, including Notre Dame in Paris, the 3D Evolution of Poitiers, the Roman theater of Arles, the Cathedral of Amiens and the Saint Trophime Cloister.


Marion Decoste

3D Graphic Designer

Passionate about cinema, Marion studied 3D modeling and special effects for the big screen.
After earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Isart Digital Paris she trained in digital 3D special effects applied to audiovisual productions, to acquire multiple skills: digital and 3D graphic design including 3D modeling, image processing, and video editing.
After several experiences as a modeling assistant and a four months apprenticeship in AGP, Marion joined the group in 2019 as a 3D graphic designer to support the 3D and communication teams.


Louis Fourquet


Passionate about video games and curious to discover the creative processes in this field, Louis trained in computer development at the École 42 of Paris in 2014. He perfects his skills in the field through several professional experiences and specializes in the design and production of interactive experiences as well as in the development of geolocation engines. Louis joined AGP’s team in 2020 to support the 3D and cultural mediation team in the development of real-time 3D apps and immersive devices.