The 3D reconstruction film of Darius the Great’s Palace in Suse, Iran

The project

Upon the request of the Department of Oriental Antiquities from the Louvre museum, AGP designed a 3D film reconstructing the Palace of the persian king Darius the first, in Susa (Iran).
The 3D digitalization (done with advanced technologies such as lasergrammetry, videogrammetry, and photogrammetry), led to the acquisition of the iconic decorations discovered during the excavations of the site in Susa, nowadays conserved at the Louvre. Among them is the famous stone capital with two bull protomes, mesuring over 19 feet high and which was standing at the summit of one of the thirty-six colums in the great throne room called Apadana.
All these architectural elements have been replaced in their original context, in order to design a complete restitution of the marvellous royal palace in its historical environment.
Working in close collaboration with the scientific comity made up of Department’s curators, AGP’s experts have been able to achieve a faithful restitution according to historians’ interpretations.
The virtual camera shows the way of a visitor entering the palace through the monumental entrance until the majestic throne room, making understandable the setup and huge dimensions of the place.
The film is available in the persians rooms of the Louvre museum, on a touch-screen booth designed by Opixido.
In addition to the 3D film, the device is enriched with educational information on Achaemenid civilisation and iconography of the objetcs of the collection.

Technical specifications

Command: Louvre Museum - Department of Oriental Antiquities
Year: 2018
Tags : 3D Scanning, 3D film, 3D Reconstruction