3D scanning of the Lustucru Hall in Arles

The project

In November 2017 the Lustucru Halle in Arles has been the subject of a 3D digitization carried out by AGP’s team.

Built in 1906 in the Eiffel factories for the colonial exhibition in Marseille, then moved to Arles as Lustucru factory until 2003, the structure was at risk of demolition.

AGP’s 3D scanning operations provide a digital trace of the structure, a crucial source for removing and re-mounting the hall on the site of Etienne paper mills, as well as the sub-prefecture has recently decided.

On 9th January 2018, the Frey Group, the current site owner, in agreement with the municipality and the other institutional stakeholders, accepted the Minister of Culture’s proposal to save the hall and to proceed with the dismounting of the structure.

Technical specifications

Sponsor : Groupe Frey
Year : 2017
Tags : Architectural survey, 3D Scanning