Caitlin Roclin

BIM Designer specialised in 3D scanning since 2006, Caitlin has studied architecture and CAD in Arizona and Arkansas.
After a Master’s degree in architecture, she joined CAST (The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies) of the University of Arkansas where she provided her technical knowledge (lasergrammetry, photogrammetry, augmented reality) to support BIM management on the campus.
She also participated in the scientific research and analysis of ancient sites (such as Petra in Jordan, the pyramids in Egypt, Saint-Paul’s cathedral in London) for the National Geographic’s documentary series "Time Scanners".
Arriving in Paris in 2013, Caitlin has taken part in the BIM modeling of many Historic Monuments such as the Louvre Museum and the Bourse de Commerce.
Her passion for 3D technologies and for architectural heritage preservation led her to join AGP’s BIM team in May 2019.