Webdoc - Arena of Nîmes

Le Projet

In partnership with INRAP and Universciences, and with the technical know-how of Opixido for the web development and the knowledge of Art Graphique & Patrimoine for the 3D reconstruction, the city conceived a web-documentary for an educational visit of Arena of Nimes. The web-documentary is organized with three modules for three levels of reading, “to build”, “to restore” and “to explore”, and proposes more than three hours of scientific, educational and fun contents which are intended for young people and also adapted to a more sophisticated audience.

Thanks to the technique of 3D reconstruction from AGP, this website offers an interactive tour of Arena of Nimes in Roman times, very faithful to the last studies and the interpretations of the historians.

A series of interactions and animations allows a multimedia discovery of all architectural elements of the old show building, through 360° views, routes of camera inside and outside, focus on the functioning of the canopy and slides with details.

The project was co-financed by the ESTIM-Numérique stock exchange and the DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon.

Spécifications Techniques

Sponsor : City of Nîmes
Year : 2016
Tags : 3D reconstruction, 3D film